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Ametto Medical
About us
The Ametto Medical is a company in the marketing sector , import, export and delivery of Medical Equipment and Prehospital services for the various specialties of medicine in Portugal and Portuguese-speaking islands .
Ensure a quality and competitive service, safeguarding the needs of the customers.

Promote in a determined and integral way the satisfaction of the requirements of our clients, as well as to provide a unique service of global quality, based on competence and professionalism.

Be recognized and referenced by the competence, competitiveness, professionalism and quality of the pre-hospital emergency sector.
For this mission to be carried out successfully, it is essential to disseminate and share the following values ​​that are fundamental:

- Customer orientation: to exceed customer expectations, by providing a service of excellence marked by quality, price and delivery times;
- Sustainability: Promote the sustainable development of the organization, through a transparent, professional and ethically responsible conduct;
- Trust: To respect the performance of all by the respect for colleagues, customers and suppliers, believing in the capabilities of each and in the defense of the values ​​of Ametto Medical;
- Loyalty: Base daily practice on professionalism, the rigor of all operations, transparency of relations, placing Ametto Medical's interest above personal interest, in order to safeguard credibility and good institutional image;
- Innovation: Focus management in structured processes and supported by modern technological systems, contributing to the development of competitive advantages vis-à-vis the market;
- Environment: Implement good environmental practices, reducing adverse effects resulting from the activity and protecting the surrounding environment;
- Concern for safety: Ensure the best working conditions with preventive actions and preserving the well-being of employees;
- Heritage: Maintain the quality of facilities, equipment and brands, guaranteeing the appreciation and respect of all, especially the employees, and dignifying their work position.

X Our clients are informed that they can, as consumers, in the event of a dispute
regarding contractual obligations resulting from sales contracts or services rendering,
resort to the following Alternative Dispute Resolution Body:

RAL Entity:

CICAP - Centro de Informação de Consumo e Arbitragem do Porto

Rua Damião de Góis, 31 Loja 6
4050-225 Porto

Phone: 225508349 / Fax: 225029791